In the desert where resources are scarce, every little resource is very precious. We hope to enjoy the beautiful natural environment, and so we must protect this hard to come by beauty, so that more people can experience it.

As a member of the desert camp sites, Sahara Magic Luxury Camp of course must also work with the other camp sites to maintain the ecology. We hope that the visitors can work with us by abiding by the following desert camp rules:

Rule 1: Do not waste or destroy desert resources

  • Please turn off the lights whenever you leave the tent so there will be no wasting of electricity.
  • Turn off the tap water when not in use and cherish the water resources.
  • Apart from charging the phones, please do not use electronic products such as hair dryers and kettles anywhere else in the camp area. If a power outage occurs then the water pumps will not operate. As a result, there will be no water available for the whole camp area.
  • Do not pick the desert plants without permission, as it can cause deaths of plants and affect desert ecology. Furthermore, there is also a chance of picking up toxic plants by mistake. Please take extra cautions.
  • Please do not throw toilet paper down the toilet. Repair is not easy in the desert. Let’s maintain the high-quality camp facilities together.

Rule 2: Don’t litter at the camp site. Just leave with the memories

  • Garbage bins are provided in all rooms of the camp site. Do not discard the trash in other parts of the camp area. A clean environment requires the help of everyone together.
  • The camp site is very attentive in their layouts. They have adorned the rooms with many beautiful decorations and carpets. These items can be used for taking pictures, but please don’t take any items home. If you really like an item, please enquire with the camp staff. They will be happy to assist you with the purchase.

Rule 3: Pay attention to personal safety

  • The weather in Sahara is unpredictable. In severe weather, please follow the instructions of the camp staff and stay in a safe place and not go out so as to avoid danger.
  • It is difficult to identify directions when in the sand dunes. If you want to go up to the sand dunes to see the stars during the night, please do not go too far. You must stay within eye sight range of the camp site to ensure that you can return safely to the camp site.
  • Do not harass the camels or small animals on the camp sites. Although these animals are tame but they still have temper. If they are inadvertently irritated, unpredictable danger may occur.

Please cooperate with the above precautions and thank you for understanding. All staff at Sahara Magic Luxury Camp sincerely welcome your arrival, and wish you a wonderful journey in the desert. 


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