Introduction of the Camp Environment

Enjoy the beauty of nature and luxury

Main Tent|
Sahara Magic Restaurant

“What are the chances of becoming a princess and prince in a lifetime? Tonight let us overturn our inner romantic feelings, snuggle up under a Moroccan style candlelight dinner, and guard our lifetime promises."

Sahara Magic's main tent is the only restaurant at the camp site and a source of energy for travelers in the desert. We will provide you with the most authentic Moroccan-style meals, and create a wonderful dining experience in the distinguished but enthusiastic Bedouin-style service.

  • If you need any assistance during your stay, please inform the service staff in the main tent.
  • Everyone who’s staying at the camp site will enjoy a luxury candlelight dinner and a Moroccan breakfast.

Outdoor Facilities |
Vibrant Sunset King Marquee versus Sunrise Palm Tree Hammock

At the entrance of the camp site is the King Marquee with its drapery swaying in the wind. It is a superb location for viewing the desert sunset. When the sunset afterglow radiates onto the colorful King Marquee, and the light reflects on the guests’ faces, this is the best moment to shoot the desert sunset.

The beautiful palm tree hammock by the side instantly elevates the vacation experience. Guests can wake up in the morning and lie on the hammock to wait for the sunrise, and indulge in the tranquility and the beauty of the desert.
At the camp site, not only are there exquisite furnishings in the private spaces, but even in the public spaces, we don’t miss out on the smallest detail. What has been created is a unique Sahara blockbuster shooting scene for every guest.

  • Except for the traditional Moroccan costumes which you will need to bring on your own, all the furnishing and decorations in the camp site can be used to take photos

Outdoor Facilities|
Welcoming Camp Fire Zone

After dinner, the beating of the drum is not to remind the guests of the arrival of bedtime, but to unveil the prelude to the evening activities. While you are dining, we will already set up the campfire in the outdoor campfire area, inviting you to join us under the starry sky. Together we’ll beat the African drums and chat about the interesting fun encounters of the journey with the smoke wafting in the background. When you are happy, dance freely with joy and excitement. When you get tired, you can gaze up at the starry desert sky. Here you can enjoy being yourself and create your own desert night.

  • The African drums and other instruments will be provided free of charge by us.

Sahara Natural Landscapes|
Enjoy the Desert

The beauty of Sahara Magic Luxury Camp is boosted by the beautiful natural landscape. We sincerely hope that every guest can thoroughly enjoy this gift from Nature.

In the daytime, there are extensive sand dunes surrounding the camp site. You can run freely and enjoy the boundlessness of the desert. In the night time, there is a vast expanse of starry sky above the camp site, shimmering down at you. Experience the infinite magnificence of the starry sky without any cost, and just indulge your whole heart to embrace everything in.

  • All African drums and other instruments are provided free of charge by us.


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