About Us

The most luxurious tent camp in the Sahara

Origin of the camp

The founder of Sahara Magic, Khaimal Hassan, was born in the Sahara Desert and has a Bedouin and Berber origin. He grew up in the Sahara Desert and therefore has a great passion for this orange desert. The founder, Tayeb Hafidi, has a Berber and Arab origin. The two founders grew up together and operate a Moroccan professional private tour group together.

Hassan has been cultivating in the tourism industry for more than 10 years. In 2018, he decided to present this beautiful Sahara desert to everyone. This Sahara Magic Luxury Camp is the best of Sahara that he wants to exhibit to the world.

Camp Features

  • Each tent in the camp has a private shower and toilet so your stay in the Sahara desert will be very comfortable. The hot water will be heated manually with firewood before you arrive at the camp site and before sunrise in the morning. It is recommended that you test the shower water temperature before use. If the hot water is not hot enough, please inform the staff and we will deal with it immediately.
  • The entire camp area uses solar power. Therefore when you leave the tent, please turn off the lights to save electricity. Do not use electronic products such as hair dryers and kettles anywhere else in the camp area. If a power outage occurs then the water pumps will not operate, as a result there will be no water available for the whole camp area. Please cooperate and thank you for understanding.
  • The bread on the table is handmade by the women from nearby villages and is delivered daily to the camp site. All the food consumed are local and seasonal ingredients, delivering the taste of the most delicious local flavors to you.
  • The colorful rag rugs by the door of the tents are hand-woven by the local Sahara nomads, the Bedouins. The rugs in the tents are hand-woven by the Berbers of the Sahara region. Therefore while you enjoy the beautiful tent, we are also helping the local Sahara families.
  • After 10 pm, if you want to take a picture of the Milky Way and the star trails, you can instruct the staff to turn the lights off and you will be able to see a much more brilliant starry sky. Furthermore, don’t miss out on the sunrise next morning. The best viewing place is on the sand dunes in front of the camp site. The Sahara sunrise will fill you up with an abundance of vitality.

Included in all the accommodation reservations at the camp site are :

  • 4WD pick-up and drop-off in the Rissani and Merzouga desert surrounding areas
  • 1-hour camel ride into the camp site
  • Transportation of all luggage into the camp site
  • Luxury romantic candlelight dinner
  • Gourmet Moroccan breakfast
  • Free participation in the evening camp activities

The staff of Sahara Magic Luxury Camp welcome you to enjoy the alluring charms of the Sahara desert.

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A desert accommodation experience beyond your imagination!

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Erg Chebbi, Merzouga, Morocco