For a once a lifetime journey to the Sahara Desert, how should you to choose the most suitable itinerary for you? Please read the following analysis to help you decide on the most suitable solution.

We provide a tour from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert. After that, you can choose to go to Fes or return back to Marrakech. (The tour can also be changed to depart from Fes to the Desert then back to Marrakech). We will arrange your whole trip, from the time of picking you up at your hotel in Marrakech / Fez, to dropping you back to your hotel in the designated city.

We have two tour packages available:
Marrakesh-Sahara-Fez [3 Days 2 Nights] Classic Desert Tour

Marrakesh-Sahara-Fez [4 Days 3 Nights] Great Value Desert Tour

To further understand the difference between the “3 Days” and the “4 Days” tours, please read the following analysis. Once you have decided on the most suitable tour for you, please click the article about the Tour Package Detail to learn more about the content of the tours.If you have any questions, please go to Sahara Magic Luxury Camp Facebook page and directly message the customer service,and we will give you the most professional itinerary suggestions.

A comparison table of the two desert tours


3 Day Tour

4 Day Tour

Who is suited for this trip?

If you don’t have enough time
or are travelling during the hot summer time between June-August

When you want to have enough time to take photos of the desert
and to explore the special cultures and lifestyles of the desert nomads.

Tour highlights

On the tour, we will spot sand dunes around 4pm on the 2nd day and will enter and stay in the desert area for about 15 hours. Mainly visit the famous tourist attractions and experience the luxury tent accommodation along the way.

You will have a further 24 hours more than the 3-Day Tour to experience the desert. Mainly visit the famous attractions along the way, and experience the luxury tent accommodation. A complete full day of exploration in the desert surroundings. A great value for money.


Dades Gorge Hotels

1 night

1 night

Sahara Hotels


1 night

Sahara Magic Luxury Camp

1 night

1 night

Tourist Attraction

Dades Gorge

Ait Benhaddou

Todra Gorges

Sahara Magic Luxury Camp

One-day tour around the desert


Attractions between desert to fez
(Passengers returning to Marrakech do not include this item)

“3 Days Desert Tour” and a “4 Days Desert Tour" Route


【Detailed explanation of the itinerary】

Depart from Marrakech, head towards the desert (1 night or 2 nights),
and end the tour at Fez. A total distance of 1030 km.

【Haven’t seen sight of any sand on the first night of the tour】

We will be staying in a gorge on the first day of the desert tour, and will only be able to take sight of the sand dunes at 5pm on the second day. That is, for the 3-day desert tour, there will only be one night about 15 hours where we will be on the sand, arranged to stay in a luxury tent. If the weather is good, you will be able to observe the sunset, the starry sky, and the sunrise.

【Disadvantage of the 3-Day itinerary】

  • The tour will only dwell in the desert for 15 hours. There will only be one chance to watch the sunset, the night sky, and the sunrise. Therefore if the weather is bad, you will miss out on them totally.
  • Of the 15 hours, there will be at least 6 hours of sleep, 3-4 hours of daylight time, and the rest is night time. As a result, the actual available time for taking pictures will be very limited, and will be rushed.

【Advantage of the 4-Day itinerary】

  • In the 4-Day Desert Tour, we will stay in the desert for a full extra 24 hours. Ample time to enjoy the Sahara Desert.
  • If the weather goes bad on the first day, there will still be another day to watch the sunset, the starry sky, and the sunrise.
  • In the 4-Day Desert Tour, we will stay 2 nights in the desert, a night at the desert entrance hotel, and a night at luxury tents.
  • There will be an extra 24 hours more time to experience the culture and life of the Berbers of the desert, to take a 4WD jeep adventure soaring through the sand, and have free time to take photos to your heart’s content.

【Summer Vacation Schedule】

Due to the extremely hot weather during June to August, around 40-50°C, only the 3-Day Desert Tour will be available during this period.


I want to book a tour

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