1. Excellent Location

The Erg Chebbi Dunes of Merzouga are the most popular location in Morocco. There are many desert tent camps of different levels and different prices situated here.

Most tourists come here for the camel ride. Therefore within an hour’s reach of the camel ride, a large number of camp operators have stationed here. As a result of the camp sites being too close to each other, when you need peace and quiet, the sound of music from the other camps can still be heard, and when you want to admire the starry sky, you are also obscured by the campfire of all the camps. That is why in order to achieve the essence of “luxury,” we believe that the first and foremost requirement is to have an excellent location. Sahara Magic Luxury Camp is located on the other side of the sand dune area, away from the interference of the other camp sites, thus giving you a very tranquil desert experience.

2.All luggages into the desert free of charge

For travelling in the desert, whether through private or individual tour groups, the key is to keep the luggage light. Most desert tour groups require the visitors to not bring large luggage into the desert. This is because the means of transportation to and from the desert are camels, the luggage must be reduced to a size easy for the camels to carry into the desert. Otherwise the only other mean of bringing the luggage in is by desert SUV at the visitors’ own expense, which is undoubtedly an extra cost for the visitors.

For all guests staying at the Sahara Magic Luxury Camp, we will carry guests’ luggages into the desert free of charge. When you arrive at the camp site on the camels, your luggages will already be placed in the rooms as soon as you open the door. It’s no longer a problem for the guests to pack a few more sets of clothes and accessories into the desert, ready for the photo shoots.

3.Exquisite and Romantic Camp Site Layout

At the entrance of the camp site is the King Marquee with its drapery swaying in the wind. It is a superb location for viewing the desert sunset. When the sunset afterglow radiates onto the colorful King Marquee, and the light reflects on the guests’ faces, this is the best moment to shoot the desert sunset. The beautiful palm tree hammock by the side instantly elevates the vacation experience. Guests can wake up in the morning and lie on the hammock to wait for the sunrise, and indulge in the tranquility and the beauty of the desert.

At Sahara Magic Luxury Camp, not only are there exquisite furnishings in the private spaces, but even in the public spaces, we don’t miss out on the smallest detail. What is created is a unique Sahara blockbuster shooting scene for every guest.

【Except for the traditional Moroccan costumes which you will need to bring on your own, all the furnishing and decorations in the camp site can be used for photographs.】

4. Private Separate Bathroom and Flush Toilet

The Sahara is renowned for its “fine sand.” After an exploration of the desert, the clothes and hair will definitely be full of fine sand. A hot bath will then become the biggest wish for all visitors. Imagine a night at the Sahara, with sand sticking to your body, and even taking a toilet out in the wild.

But here at Sahara Magic Luxury Camp, each tent has a separate private bathroom and toilet. The shower and toilet are designed into wet and dry area. Even if when one guest is using the shower, it will not affect the other guest using the toilet. In order to ensure that every guest can take a nice warm shower, hot water will be heated manually with firewood before you arrive the camp site and before sunrise in the morning. If the hot water is not hot enough, please inform the staff and we will deal with it immediately. In addition, we provide exquisite marble vanity, vanity mirrors, cotton slippers, and free toiletries (towels, bath products), committed to providing you with the most comfortable bathing environment.

5.5-Star Hotel King Size Bed

Sahara Magic Luxury Camp pays special attention to the sleeping quality of our guests. We provide the same quality bed sets as a five-star hotel in Morocco, whether it be a 200cmX200cm King size bed, or a 100cmX200cm super spacious single bed. A good night’s sleep will release a day’s fatigue.

The other camps all have different standards, and the mattresses come in various types too: some only provide carpets to sleep on the sand, or only mattress with no bed frame, or large shared beds. It is recommended that visitors should look carefully when booking so to avoid disputes, as it is very difficult to change hotels at a moment’s notice in the desert!

6.Luxurious Romantic Candlelight Dinner / Traditional Moroccan Breakfast

All the visitors staying at Sahara Magic Luxury Camp will be provided a free Moroccan breakfast and a romantic luxury candlelight dinner each. The bread on the table is handmade by the women from nearby villages and is delivered daily to the camp site. All the food consumed are local and seasonal ingredients, so that you can taste the most delicious local food even when in the desert. Leave the problem of meals to Sahara Magic. All you have to do is - “enjoy the moment!”

7.Entertaining Evening Activities

When staying at Sahara Magic Luxury Camp, thoroughly enjoy the exciting activities we have prepared for you after dinner. Beat the African drums and chat with visitors from all over the world, under the starry sky. Here, you can be yourself and create your own desert night.

8.Simplified Mobile Phone Charging Service

Electricity in the desert is very precious, and most camp sites cannot provide charging services. This is because too much intensive charging by visitors will have the risk of causing insufficient power supply to the entire camp site and even have the risk of power outages. However, Sahara Magic Luxury Camp also understands the desire of the visitors to take lots of photographs to capture the moment after taking all the trouble of coming to the desert. That is why we have set up a USB charging socket in each tent for visitors to charge up their mobile phones so that they can capture moments of wonderful memories.

【Apart from charging the phones, please do not use electronic products such as hair dryers and kettles anywhere else in the camp area. If a power outage occurs then the water pumps will not operate. As a result there will be no water available for the whole camp area. Furthermore, please turn off the lights whenever you leave the tent. Please cooperate and thank you for understanding.】

9.Caring Service Out of the Desert

Visitors staying in the Sahara Magic Luxury Camp can choose to ride a camel or take a desert 4WD jeep out to the desert. We will collectively take you to the desert city of Rissani, allowing you to continue to the next trip.

10.Desert Ecological Protection / Desert Ethnic Care

The colorful rag rugs by the door of the tents are hand-woven by the local Sahara nomads, the Bedouins. The rugs in the tents are hand-woven by the Berbers of the Sahara region. Therefore while you enjoy the beautiful tent, we are also helping the local Sahara families. In order to maintain our conviction to preserve Moroccan culture and ecology, we donate 5% of our profits to the Moroccan Cultural Association to help develop and update contemporary places and historical sites in Sahara. We hope that when you come back next time, you will be able to see the beauty of Sahara that you have maintained with us again.