Sahara Magic Luxury Camp 

There are only 7 tents in the camp site, thus retaining the tranquility of the camp. What is absolutely amazing is that each tent is equipped with a private hot shower room and a flushable toilet. The idea of having such a comfortable space in the Sahara desert is simply incredible. This camping site arose with the aim of offering luxury experiences. By limiting the quantity, we can block out the noisy disturbances coming from outside of the desert, leaving only the unique memories of the Sahara desert to those who are willing to choose the best - “you”

Two people staying, you can choose double room (one double bed) or twin room (one single bed + one table), you can also enjoy a romantic and luxurious candlelight dinner and a traditional Moroccan breakfast. There is an African drum camp fire evening at night

* Same price for single room and double room。

*Groups with large numbers of people, booking multiple rooms at the same time, may need to mix and book rooms with different rates, Please use Facebook messaging to contact customer service, we will provide a quotation and detailed information.